elcome to Drive Safely Work Week™ 2016—the 20th anniversary of NETS’ signature annual safety campaign!

We are excited about this year’s content and pleased to offer this safe-driving program free of charge to all companies, whether large or small, in support of our mission to improve the safety of employees, their families and the community by preventing traffic crashes that occur both on and off-the-job.

Driver behavior contributes to 94 out of every 100 traffic crashes in the U.S., according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Research tells us that an important first step toward changing a risky behavior is to begin to think actively about the need to change the behavior. That’s what the 2016 Drive Safely Work Week™ (DSWW) campaign is about—raising self-awareness and motivating positive change.

The campaign includes self-assessment tools—one to consider overall driving behavior and another to assess the tendency for excessive daytime sleepiness. The materials will emphasize the importance of healthy sleep habits, as research demonstrates a growing risk associated with fatigued and drowsy driving.

Additionally, we cover distracted driving and speeding—both significant contributors to crashes attributed to driver behavior. Finally, we highlight the importance of always wearing a seat belt—a crucial defense in protecting drivers and passengers from the risky behavior of other drivers