Uncertain Times

Over the last few weeks, we have all begun to live and work in a very different place. Driving for Better Business, and strategic partner FleetCheck, have collaborated on a series of short videos to help fleet operators and business owners navigate these new challenges.

For those of you responsible for managing company vehicles, and with people who drive for work, there are many new challenges to navigate. None of us know for sure how long the disruption due to COVID-19 is going to last or, when we start to come out of it, what the new ‘normal’ is going to look like.

What we do know is that many of you are looking for support. Our aim with this series of videos and additional resources is to help fleet operators and business owners try to make sense of some of those challenges. We hope to share valuable insights, and help you prepare for the eventual return to more usual operational levels.

We have to remain positive, deal with the challenges we face as best we can, and prepare ourselves properly for a world which won’t look the same as it did before. This is our contribution to supporting businesses around the UK that are vital to the UK economy.