CLOCS-A explained

CLOCS-A, or Construction Logistics and Community Safety – Australia is a national construction logistics safety program designed to revolutionise the management of work-related road risk associated with construction projects.

It aims to reduce road trauma by improving safety around heavy vehicles for pedestrians, cyclists and motor bike riders, and make the construction freight task more efficient by establishing a nationally consistent best practice framework across industry. CLOCS-A provides:

  • Comprehensive road safety, risk and business management for heavy vehicle related logistics for construction projects.
  • A consistent single standard and process providing peace of mind for all users in the supply chain.
  • Stronger safety understanding between the heavy vehicle industry and vulnerable road users – pedestrians, cyclists and motor bike riders.

CLOCS-A approaches road safety as a shared responsibility among key stakeholders in the transport supply chain for construction projects and the broader public.

Uniform vehicle safety standards

CLOCS-A can eliminate misalignment around construction safety requirements across states and project sites. All accredited project sites will have uniform specifications for vehicle safety standards, driver qualifications, logistics management, operating systems, and auditing procedures. This means:

  • One unified standard for industry to observe allowing contractors to more easily move between sites across states and territories.
  • Nationally consistent guidance and a systematic approach to heavy vehicle road safety will bolster cross-sector collaboration along the construction project supply-chain.
  • A consistent standard for use in construction contracts will help provide community confidence in vulnerable road user protections.

Please refer to the one page summary for further datils and to to get involved please join the CLOCS-A MoU