No. of Staff: 8,000

Distribution Centres: 100

Key Outcomes:

  • Involving those affected by safety policies in drawing up and implementing the policies increases engagement and, in turn, compliance
  • People make mistakes; robust and effective safety management systems can reduce human error
  • Understanding how safety guidelines are interpreted or read by personnel, and tailoring how they are communicated to the target audience, such as using plain language and diagrams rather than words, can make them more effective
  • Effective load restraint drives significant benefits for the company, the industry and the community. These can include increased safety and minimising downtime and workers compensation, contributing to cost savings for the business
  • Sharing effective company initiatives with other peer organisations can help improve standards and practices across whole industries


BlueScope Steel has gone well beyond meeting its legislative requirements and taken a leading role in improving safety across its industry. By taking responsibility for ensuring that large loads are securely restrained, BlueScope Steel has improved the safety of its drivers, the steel supply chain and the community.