People hate change, they are naturally hardwired to resist. So how are your risk management strategies and safety policies keeping up? Or is your workplace culture so resistant to change that they get more out of date each year? Have you “always done it that way?” If you want to get people to actually act, overcome their natural human resistance, then as Daniel Abbas puts it:

“It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.”

This webinar builds on the Thought Leadership Piece: Changing how we change: overcoming resistance to introducing new policies and related NRSPP Blog.

Our presenter is Daniel Abbas who works extensively on disruptive technology business models and the alignment of expectations and societal acceptance.

His background is in technology and strategy consulting. He established two education technology startups that feature in the AFR fast starters and has advised leading companies in Australia and internationally.

Through his career, he has seen the good, the bad and the ugly. As a result, he stays on the lookout for structured ways to reduce the risk of new initiatives and change. Daniel joined Futureye because of its ability to diagnose and predict societal values and views. He now works with organisations to make sure that their good ideas have the best chance of success in the communities that they are used.

Daniel is the Director responsible for technology innovation at Futureye. He is an ideal person to establish a program of work to test the market and inform and develop product and corporate strategy.