The National Road Safety Partnership Program (NRSPP) Expression of Interest (EoI) provides an opportunity for an organisations or alliance to become the new host of the NRSPP.

The EoI was issued on the 27 August by Austroads tender number of 1088197, EoI will need to submitted via and will close on 4 October.

The NRSPP comes with a three-year funding commitment from its Core Funders, a Program Manager based in Melbourne and a range of other funded projects. All intellectual property branded with NRSPP is the property of the program as per the Charter and Host agreement.

The key selction which will the successful organisation or alliance will need to demonstrate includes:

  1. Preparedness to maintain the autonomy of the program and ensure that its operations continue to align with its overall goals and objectives
  2. Experience leading collaborative projects / programs
  3. Ability to communicate and engage with industry, partners and key stakeholders at a national level
  4. Commitment to road safety or a related field, such as workplace health and safety, public health or transport safety
  5. Established track record in implementing innovative programs, processes or policies that could be applied to enhancing the strategic or operational goals of the NRSPP
  6. Demonstrated ability to manage programs or projects in a long-term sustainable manner, incorporating high level governance, finance and reporting processes
  7. Ability to support a national manager based in Melbourne.

The NRSPP EoI document outlines the program, all of its various elements, collaborations and additional projects.