Southern Cross Protection's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Claere KayWHS ManagerCommencement Date: 17/05/2017Sector: Security

    Who is Southern Cross Protection?

    Southern Cross Protection is the only Australian owned national security company in Australia.
    We employ over a thousand workers including contractors who provide security services all over Australia.

    Our Patrol services group operates 150 vehicles 365 days per year 24 hours per day with the majority of travel conducted between 18:00 and 6:00 am and each driver averages about 300 km per night.

    What does road safety mean to Southern Cross Protection?

    We recognize that both our work and personal crash exposure is one of our highest risks. We have implemented a road safety management system and are continually working to improve and innovate this system to keep our drivers, our clients and our communities safe while we travel on public and private roads.

    Our system includes (but isn’t limited to) the following components:
    • Purchasing vehicles that are fit for purpose and have the highest safety rating system.
    • Ensuring our vehicles are rigorously serviced and maintained in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations.
    • Assessing our driver competency pre-employment, post incident and as a minimum annually.
    • Developing on going driver-training programs to develop physical and cognitive driving skills and influence attitudes and behaviors.
    • Installing GPS and in car camera systems in all vehicles to monitor and incentivize safe driver behaviors, maintenance and driver location.

    What are Southern Cross Protection’s NRSPP road safety commitments and by when?

    Road Safety Commitment


    1. Continue with our program of monitoring and incentivising safe driving behaviours using telematics software to manage fatigue, distraction and improve driving performance. Note: We have just changed providers from Tom Tom to Fleetmatics so this program needs to accommodate the change over project including identifying discrepancies and engaging users. July 2017
    2. Develop and implement a self-persuasion workshop for our drivers nationally October 2017
    3. Complete our current fatigue awareness program of webinars for staff with Dr Carmel Harrington and develop next steps phase for this initiative including a fatigue survey for all staff. April 2017
    4. Develop content for an industry case study/webinar with particular reference to fatigue and learnings. 2019
    Supporting Actions Delivered by SPX Protection

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