Who are SafetyIQ?

Born from the fusion of JESI and Safety Indicators in 2023, SafetyIQ is the game-changer in safety management software. Our global presence underscores our commitment to revolutionising safety practices worldwide. At SafetyIQ, we’re not just responding to safety risks—we’re predicting them. Our sophisticated software solutions provide safety professionals with the power to switch from reactive to predictive safety management. We harness data-driven insights and predictive analytics to spotlight potential hazards, empowering companies to mitigate risks before they become incidents. The future of workplace safety is here—it’s predictive, it’s proactive, and it’s powered by SafetyIQ. Let’s redefine safety norms together.

What size is SafetyIQ’s fleet and/or workforce?

SafetyIQ has over 40 staff members that actively travel for work.

What sector does SafetyIQ operate in?

SafetyIQ primarily operated in Mining, Manufacturing, Transportation and Logistics, Construction and Healthcare

What does road safety mean to SafetyIQ?

Road safety is a part of our core business function. Our software allows a company to manage the safety of their travelling workforce and guide them on best practices in Road Safety.

Supporting actions delivered by SafetyIQ

  1. NRSPP Steering Committee Partner represented by Scott Jackson, Chief Executive Officer: 2021-present

SafetyIQ's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Scott JacksonChief Executive Officer (CEO)

    NRSPP Steering Committee Partner 2021 To Present

    • Represented by Scott Jackson, Chief Executive Officer: 2021-present

    What are the opportunities SafetyIQ can bring to the leadership of NRSPP?

    The SafetyIQ application offers Organisations the ability to manage the safety of their travelling workforce with automated escalations when a traveller misses a checkpoint, traveller risk assessments are completed prior to a traveller starting their journey. These two features of JESI mitigate fatigued travellers getting behind the wheel and decrease the incident response time when every second counts.

    As a part of our partnership and commitment to road safety we are developing a traveller’s risk calculator that NRSPP web visitors will get free access to. This calculator will show organisations their employee travelling risk profile and offer recommendations to minimise the risks associated. JESI will also work with the NRSPP team to release a case study by the end of the year highlighting the integration with In-Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS) providers that give Organisations complete visibility of their assets (vehicles) as well as their employees.

  • Peter OgdenDigital Marketing SpecialistCommencement Date: 07/06/2021Sector: Software and Remote Worker Managementhttps://safetyiq.com/?utm_source=NRSPP&utm_medium=Profile&utm_campaign=AU+-+ToFu+lead+gen

    Why become a Program Partner?

    We believe that partnering with NRSPP will allow us to share our expertise in employee safety to help Organisations minimise road incidents and dramatically decrease incident response times where every second counts.

    What are the actions JESI will undertake to support road safety through the NRSPP?

    1. Guide all users on road safety best practices through Monthly User Email

    August 2021 – Would require some assistance for content for a blog

    1. JESI Traveller Risk Calculator

    We are getting a quote on the creation of this now

    1. Share NRSPP content on Social Media

    Currently happening – shared the Eyes closed campaign today

    1. Case Study about our IVMS integration

    Aim for later in the year September 2021