Who is SA Power Networks?

Our job at SA Power Networks is to distribute electricity to homes and businesses across the State through our network of poles and wires

Our services, include maintaining and building a reliable distribution network … responding to outages including those caused by extreme weather … and ensuring community safety from electric shock and from bushfire.

The average customer today is paying about $10 per week for these services. In real terms, you are paying the same for our services as you did in 1999.

That’s due to our efficiency, which means our share of the residential bill has fallen from 50% in 1999 to about 26% today.

About 7% of your bill is for transmission and the major portion goes to covering retail and energy generation costs (and associated government renewables schemes).

SA Power Networks is headquartered in Adelaide with depots across the State. We’re one of the State’s largest employers and have trained hundreds of apprentices

With our focus on South Australia, we’re proud to support our community.

What sector does SA Power Networks operate in?

Primary business activity: Electricity
Sector: Infrastructure

 What is SA Power Networks fleet make-up?

Passenger: 149 of which 95% are 5 Star ANCAP
Light Commercial:   521 of which 95% are 5 Star ANCAP
Heavy Vehicles: 695
Hire Vehicles:   65
TOTAL: 1430

How far does SA Power Networks travel?

Passenger kms: 4,364,665
Light Commercial Vehicle kms: 10,220,871
Heavy Vehicle kms: 4,094,433


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