Who is OzHelp?

OzHelp is a leading provider of health and wellbeing programs for hard-to-reach workers in high-risk industries. OzHelp has been operating for over 20 years and is focused on reaching and supporting these priority groups.

OzHelp’s Health in Gear program is a health and wellbeing initiative for truck drivers. The program has been developed in collaboration with drivers and the driving community.

What sector does OzHelp operate within?

OzHelp’s outreach approach takes support to workplaces and communities across Australia, with a specific focus on building and construction, transport, mining and farming and agriculture industries.

What size is OzHelp’s fleet or the number of staff who generate their transport task?

OzHelp is not a transport company. The organisation has approximately 30 team members who are employed to deliver health screens, training and support to workers within high risk industries.

What does road safety mean to OzHelp?

Road safety means safer roads, safer vehicles and safer road use for all Australians. The mental health and wellbeing of truck drivers is important not only for the driver but also for the industry, with broader repercussions for society, including road safety.

What are the commitments and actions which OzHelp will develop and share through NRSPP?

  1. Develop a case study of how the OzHelp mobile workforce culture flowed into leading the development of healthy lifestyles and mental health with truck drivers
  2. Conduct a webinar expanding on the case study and illustrating the co-design journey of Health in Gear
  3. Support NRSPP in special projects and Q&As where appropriate.
  4. NRSPP will promote and support OzHelp outreach and awareness

OzHelp's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact