What sector does your organisation operate within?

Transport and Warehousing

What size is your fleet or the number of staff who generate your transport task?

Daryl Dickenson Transport (DDT) specialises in the transport and warehousing of steel products.  With of a fleet of 30 trucks and employing 49 permanent staff DDT has reputation for ensuring safety in the transport activity.

Describe your organisation and what road safety means to your it?

Road safety means ensuring that everyone in the organisation is empowered to contribute to their safety and the safety of others around them.  DDT prides itself in the relationships that they have will their workers.  As owner operators Tracie and Daryl understand the challenges that their drivers and staff face on a daily basis.

Starting from a one truck operation DDT experience huge growth within a short period.  Their safety journey commenced with the realisation that as employers, they had both a legal and moral responsibility to ensure that their workers went home safely every day.

The journey so far:

  • Starting with the drivers, and through inductions and training ensured that every driver was aware of the company’s expectations for safety
  • Sought advice and assistance from the Small Business Unit of Queensland Work Health and Safety
  • Adopted and implemented the Blue Scope Load Restraint Guidelines as a tried and tested in steel cartage
  • Through consultation with their employees they implemented a policy to remove dogs from their load restraint practices
  • Revised procurement practices to ensure that vehicles were of a highest safety standard
  • Engaged in transport safety networks to collaborate with other operators about safety and as a result we were able to implement many safety initiatives such as:
    • hand brake alarms
    • GPS tracking
    • measures to assist in the awareness and management of mental health
  • Enrolled in the IPAM program through WorkCover Qld which enabled us to test the effectiveness of our efforts through the use of a safety cultural survey

Although their journey has been a long one DDT feels that it is now in a position to give back to the industry through increased activity in safety and involvement as a member of the:

  • QTA Board
  • TMR Heavy Vehicle Safety Working Group
  • WHSQ Manufacturing, Transport and Logistics Industry Standing Sector Committee
  • Port of Brisbane Transport Safety Network
  • Insight2 Industry where we  engage with young people to increase awareness of the industry

DDT has been recognised for the improvements they have made through their efforts in safety  through various awards including:

  • Queensland Trucking Woman of the Year 2012
  • Australian Trucking Training Excellence award 2015
  • Queensland Trucking Association Industry Safety Award 2016
  • Finalist – Woman In Industry Safety Advocate Award  2017
  • Australian Trucking Woman of the Year 2017
Why become a Partner?

Daryl Dickenson Transport believes in what NRSPP represents and together we are focusing on safety outcomes and to support our industry in becoming a career choice.

What action(s) could your organisation do to support road safety through the NRSPP & by when?
  1. Develop case study illustrating DDT road safety journey and how it was a step by step approach with safety which helped lead to success
Late 2017
     2. Provide a webinar expanding on the case study 2018
    3.  Identify knowledge gaps which could feature as NRSPP Quick Facts with relevance to HV sector Ongoing
    4. Support NRSPP Proposal to improve HV and LV interactions. Oct 2017

Supporting Actions delivered by Darryl Dickenson Transport:

  1. Delivered the Case Study: Daryl Dickenson Transport: Don’t reinvent the wheel: balancing growth and the safety journey for smaller organisations
  2.  Delivered the Webinar: Daryl Dickenson Transport- Making Safety A Stronger Priority
  3.  Assisted with the Blind Spot and Stopping Distance Quickfacts
  4.  Provided a support letter for NRSPP Proposal to NHVR to develop a light vehicle heavy vehicle collaboration education program.


Daryl Dickenson Transport (DDT)'s Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact