Who are the Amy Gillett Foundation?

The Amy Gillett Foundation was born out of tragedy, the death of Amy Gillett, who was hit by a driver whilst training with the Australian Olympic cycling team in Germany. Amy’s husband, Simon Gillett, together with Amy’s parents Mary and Denis and friends, concerned at the state of safety on our roads, started the Foundation. It has evolved to become the leading bike rider safety organisation in Australia, driven by a core mission to reduce the incidence of death and injury of bike riders. The singular and unique purpose of our organisation makes a difference. Many other organisations have bike rider safety in their goals but this is our only goal. We work with all levels of government, road authorities, corporate, motoring, cycling and community safety organisations and the public to create a safer bike riding environment in Australia.

We are fortunate to have strong involvement of road safety professionals such as researchers, academics, engineers and policy experts who give up their time to guide us, connecting sound science and research, so we propose better solutions. We use this information to recommend on public policy, legislation and resource allocation decisions and participate in public discussions, where there is the opportunity for improved road safety outcomes.

What does road safety mean to the Amy Gillett Foundation?

The Amy Gillet Foundation runs multiple cycling safety campaigns, education programs, community programs and initiatives to achieve our goal of a safer cycling environment in Australia, funded through donations, charity rides, corporate sponsorship and assistance. All of which is help the organisation achieve its mission and vision.

Our Mission is for: Safe cycling in Australia
Our Vision: Zero bike rider fatalities

Amy Gillett Foundation's Contributions to the NRSPP & Points of Contact

  • Dan KneippCEOCommencement Date: 20/06/2016Sector: Not-for-Profit Evidence Base Cyclist Safetyhttp://www.amygillett.org.au/

    What are the Amy Gillet Foundation’s NRSPP road safety commitments?

    1. Development of a cycling safety webinar to be delivered in 2016
    2. Quick fact guide/infographic to be delivered in 2016
    3. Driver education toolbox

    Supporting actions delivered by Amy Gillet Foundation

    1. Simon Gillet kindly delivered a webinar in 2016: The Safe Commute: Tips for Cyclists and Motorists on Sharing the Road Safely
    2. Developed NRSPP Quick Fact: Cycling
    3. In 2019, NRSPP Program Manager Jerome Carslake has delivered 9 of the Amy Gillet Sharing the Road Safely (SRS) courses as part of the Melbourne Metro truck driver training program to improve awareness of vulnerable road users.
    4. In 2020, NRSPP Program Director Jerome Carslake delivered 3 SRS courses.
    5. In 2021, NRSPP Program Director Jerome Carslake continues to deliver the SRS courses.
    6. AGF is a Steering Group Partner of the CLOCS-A Working Group NRSPP Australia » CLOCS-A Amy Gillett Foundation Steering Group Letter of Support
  • Marilyn Johnson

    Supporting partner of the NRSPP proposal to the Heavy Vehicle Safety Initiative Program.

    NRSPP made three submissions, the first was partially successful in 2017/18 being awarded $100,000 to develop a draft framework, website and implementation plan. A second submission was made in 2018/19 and as stage one had only started that year was asked to reapply.

    Stage 1 was completed April 2020.

    NRSPP was informed the proposal to 2019-20 year was unsuccessful.