This webinar will outline how to share the road safely, both for motorists and cyclists. Drivers will learn how to safely overtake cyclists, what to look out for and what to avoid doing. Cyclists will learn how to be safer, how to be seen and what to look out for.

The result: Cyclists and Motorists on Sharing the Road Safely

Why does this matter?

With nearly 4,000,000 Australians cycling per week, cycling safety is as important as ever. The numbers are clear – more Australians are making their commutes by bicycle. As a healthy, inexpensive transport option, this means more cyclists on the road. Drivers need to know how to interact with cyclists, and cyclists need to know their responsibilities as well.

The webinar will be presented by Simon Gillett. Simon founded the Amy Gillett Foundation following the death of his wife, Amy Gillett, who was killed by a driver while she was cycling in Germany with the Australian women’s cycling team. Concerned at the state of safety on Australian roads, Simon, together with Amy’s parents, established the Foundation to create a memory for Amy and also make the roads a safer place for cyclists.

Some practical considerations which Simon will explore:

  • Not all cyclists have the same skill level
  • Potholes or other road obstructions may require a cyclist to move sideways in their lane
  • Many cyclists will become nervous when being passed by a large vehicle
  • Wind effect when passing at speed
  • Opening doors
  • Trucks and cyclist in roundabouts
  • Heavy vehicle rear wheel tracking when turning
  • B-Double trailers sway at speed