The Rozelle Interchange will open to traffic in the early hours of Sunday morning, marking the final completion of WestConnex.

After four years of construction in which 20,000 skilled workers built one of the world’s most complicated underground interchanges, the project was officially opened on Saturday ahead of first vehicles expected by 6am on Sunday morning.

The Rozelle Interchange solves one of Sydney’s enduring traffic bottlenecks, connecting motorists to the M4 and M8 tunnel extensions, Anzac Bridge, the City West Link, the Western Distributor, a toll-free underground bypass of Victoria Road and the future Western Harbour Tunnel.

The interchange will provide faster access to the CBD and the inner-west for millions of people from west and south-west Sydney, as well as those heading out of the city to the west and south-west.

Around 100,000 vehicles a day are expected to use the Rozelle Interchange, completing the WestConnex project that began in 2015 with the new M4 tunnel.

The Rozelle Interchange is part of the $16.8 billion WestConnex Project which was jointly funded, with $1.5 billion from the Australian Government, and a $2 billion concessional loan, and with NSW Government contributing $1.8 billion.

Federal Infrastructure, Transport, Regional Development and Local Government Minister Catherine King said:

“The opening of the Rozelle Interchange is fantastic for the residents of Sydney, who will enjoy faster access to the CBD, and reduced traffic around notorious bottlenecks.

“Infrastructure such as this is vital for our cities, improving access for residents right across the city and cutting down on time spent waiting in traffic.”

NSW Roads Minister John Graham said:

“On behalf of the many millions of motorists who will use this impressive piece of Australian engineering, I want to thank the 20,000 workers who built the Rozelle Interchange, moving 6.5 million tonnes of earth in the process to create these 16.6 kilometres of road tunnels that complete WestConnex.

“There has been a total of 65,000 people who have worked on WestConnex over its life which has created a highly-skilled, highly-experienced workforce that will go on to other infrastructure and construction projects as the Minns Labor Government delivers the state’s biggest ever infrastructure spend through Budget 2023-24.

“The Rozelle Interchange is a game-changer for motorists in Sydney’s west and south-west, providing access to the CBD and inner-west without the traffic lights.

“We are warning motorists that there is expected to be some impacts on surface roads around the interchange post-opening which Transport for NSW will monitor and seek to alleviate over the coming weeks and months.”

Assistant Minister for Trade and Manufacturing Senator Tim Ayres said:

“Today’s opening is fantastic news for the people of Sydney, better connecting residents across Western Sydney with our CBD and inner suburbs.

“Not only will the Rozelle Interchange bust traffic for millions of residents in our city, it represents the final culmination of the long-awaited WestConnex project.”