The construction transport sector is leading a data sharing initiative that aims to provide greater visibility of the movement of construction vehicles across Australia.

The nation-first initiative is being led by Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia (CCAA) and Victoria’s Department of Transport and Planning (DTP), in partnership with Transport Certification Australia (TCA).

As part of the initiative, CCAA members – comprising Adbri, Cement Australia, Hanson Australia and Holcim – are voluntarily sharing telematics data from over 2000 construction vehicles with TCA. The data is collected and visualised on TCA’s Telematics Analytics Platform – a secure portal that gives access to telematics data analysis and reporting for improved road safety, transport efficiency, freight productivity, asset management and sustainability.

“This is the first time we have access to aggregated and industry-specific heavy vehicle movement data from the construction sector, and not just estimates,” said Praveen Reddy, Executive Director at DTP’s Freight Victoria.

“As road managers, our primary interest is in having visibility on the key routes used by construction vehicles, to better plan for road works, identify areas of travel intensity and maintain our infrastructure.”

As a peak construction industry association, CCAA is optimistic about the positive outcomes the greater visibility will provide to its members and is encouraging more of its members to get on-board.

“This initiative will provide us with a single source of truth to support evidence-based discussions between the transport industry, road managers and other government authorities,” said Brian Hauser, CCAA’s State Director – Victoria and Tasmania.

“We thank the companies that have voluntarily provided their data. Having more data will enrich our view of our industry, which can in turn provide evidence for our conversations with road authorities.”

The construction industry is one of the largest employers in Australia and one of the top economic activity sectors, accounting for approximately 9% of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP). Transport is fundamental to the efficiency of the construction sector, delivering materials and removing waste products from sites all over Australia.

TCA is running a similar initiative in collaboration with the National Bulk Tankers Association and its member organisations to study the movement of vehicles carrying dangerous goods across the country.

“Data sharing initiatives allow industry associations to see the same data as road managers and get visibility over the cohort of vehicles and operators in their sector,” said John Gordon, TCA’s Manager Strategic Development.

“Transport operators or other industry associations interested in participating in a data sharing initiative relevant to their sector can reach out to TCA and we can help establish the required data connections with them.”

For more information on TCA’s data sharing initiatives or to get involved in them, please contact TCA.