NRSPP welcomes our newest partner BRAKE New Zealand, We look forward to working with you!

Brake, a dedicated road safety charity, is committed to reducing road fatalities and injuries, fostering safer communities, and offering free support to those affected by road crashes. As an NGO, our core focus revolves around road safety, and our ultimate vision is to create a world free from road deaths and injuries. Our multifaceted approach encompasses the coordination of various impactful road safety initiatives, including Road Safety Week, Global Fleet Champions, and Beep Beep! Day. Furthermore, we actively empower communities to advocate for local road safety enhancements while championing the cause of road safety at both local and national levels. At Brake, road safety is not just a mission; it’s our driving force. We are equipped to collaborate with NRSPP on initiatives such as the development of evidence-based Thought Leadership pieces on driver distraction and internal road safety campaigns as part of National Road Safety Week. Our commitment extends to sharing Global Fleet Champions resources with members and engaging in cross-promotional efforts across marketing channels and social media platforms, as appropriate. Together, we aim to make our roads safer for everyone.