Wellbeing has been defined as a desirable human state that incorporates family, communities, and society, and is influenced by personal, social, economic, and environmental circumstances. It has been linked to personal and professional success, better physical health and longevity, and better individual performance.

Driving, a common activity that for many is an essential part of their job, has been associated with high levels of stress and even aggression, also known as road rage. Though it can range from the regular commute to working as a professional driver, knowing the best response to distressing situations while on the road is important to keep everyone safe. Stress and tiredness, as well as combative reactions and aggressive driving, can often lead to lethal crashes.

A Generic Overview of Toolbox Talk Discussion including a step-by-step process to assist team leaders/managers and facilitators to lead a Toolbox Talk discussion

  1. Aid for the promotion of discussion
  2. Topic background information and fact sheet
  3. Discussion prompt sheet
  4. Participant attendance record sheet
  5. Participant self-assessment sheet
  6. Discussion review sheet
  7. Driving Well and Driver Well-being poster
  8. Supporting PowerPoint slides
  9. Driving Well and Driver Wellbeing Link (access video here or contact NRSPP to download)

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