Road safety researcher Astrid Linder works at VTI, the Swedish National Road and Transport Research Institute. Linder has received the WOW (Woman of Worth) award from Mia Liström, one of the judges of the Women’s World Car of the Year in Sweden. The award was given for her work on the development of a female dummy. With this award, the Women’s World Car of the Year honors the work of professional women who have distinguished themselves in the automotive world.

  • Women are more at risk of whiplash injuries than men.
  • In 2030 we must be able to inclusively assess the risks in the event of an accident for both women and men.
  • European regulations state that a dummy representing an average male type should be used in crash tests. As long as the regulations remain unchanged, everything will remain the same.
  • At present, we do not know whether cars protect men and women equally.
  • It is important who we vote for and what we get involved with because that affects the development of road safety regulations.

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