What Happened?

A worker was driving a light vehicle to conduct scheduled inspections and maintenance when they decided to inspect an additional well that wasn’t planned for this particular day. The worker stopped the vehicle at the property entrance gate and got out of the vehicle to unlock the gate. The vehicle rolled forward, pinning the worker against the gate. The worker was unable to free themselves. A passing Contractor noticed the situation, offered assistance and reversed the vehicle away from the gate. The worker was transported to a paramedic for a check-up and treated for minor bruising.


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How to get the most value from this Bulletin:

Learning Event Bulletins are a tool to assist with learning from unwanted events and/or threats in order to reduce the occurrence of high potential incidents.

Managers and HSE Advisers:

  •  Forward this email to your front-line leaders (e.g. supervisors and HSE Representatives).

Front-line leaders:

  •  Print the Bulletin and post it to notice boards.
  • Use the Toolbox slide pack to discuss the Bulletin at site safety meetings (e.g. toolbox sessions, pre-start meetings, pre-tours).  It is important that this discussion is two-way.  Provide information about the Learning Event and lessons learnt AND use it as a chance to discuss “Could this happen to you?”
  • Send your feedback to Safer Together: [email protected].

Front-line workers:

  • Actively participate in discussions about this Bulletin.
  • Ask your front-line leader to provide the opportunity to discuss the Bulletin and download and discuss the Toolbox with your work crew.
  • Help your front-line leader provide feedback to Safer Together.


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