Another 12 months flies by and with it comes the creative transition of NRSPP’s Swinburne University intern.

NRSPP farewells Grace Harries and Manal Rizwan and will be welcoming new interns in the coming weeks.

A core element of NRSPP is its content creation and engagement, for which we rely on an intern program with Program Partner Swinburne University of Technology. NRSPP’s small budget goes a long way through our collaborative approach and partner support. This approach provides constant creative renewal and a chance to grow emerging students in being passionate about road safety by conveying data, messages and storytelling in engaging mediums.

I have had an amazing year working at NRSPP learning about road safety and developing my professional skills. I am so appreciative to have had the ability to work on multiple projects with industry partners and stakeholders. It’s been extremely rewarding knowing my design and communication skills are creating positive change,” says Grace.

“I am grateful for this experience and opportunity as I have gained several communication and design skills  at NRSPP. I have enjoyed this journey as it has been rewarding to use my design skills to create change in the road safety industry. It is extremely inspiring and I plan on using what I have learned in the future and continue to build on my professional and personal skills,” says Manal.

“The project I’m most proud of was having the opportunity to work with Manal to create and launch our Respect Traffic Controllers campaign. I really enjoyed creating the campaign branding and attending Altus Traffic’s marketing day to film and interview seven traffic controllers. It was such a valuable experience to learn the process of executing a successful campaign from industry professionals.

We were able to reach over 17,000 people across NRSPP’s social media, which was amazing to see how many people resonated with and cared about our important topic,”
says Grace.

“The Respect Traffic Controllers campaign was one of the highlights of this internship. It was extremely rewarding for Grace and I to use our project management and design skills to execute this campaign. It was an amazing process as we gained several connections and many partners supported us, to bring this issue to light. Taking the lead for the project helped me grow and understand how a successful campaign is designed. Being lucky enough to share our knowledge and create change in the industry, I will never forget and always be grateful for this opportunity,” says Manal.

We thank Grace and Manal for all their efforts and wish them all the best in the future, and look forward to our next chapter with our new interns.