What Is The City Of Albany?

The City Of Albany is a local government with around 300 full time staff. The City of Albany is located approx. 400kms South of Perth and has a population of a little over 38,000 people. The City of Albany local government area stretches more than 150km along the south coast ofWestern Australia and cover 4,311 Square Kilometres in land area.  Albany was the first European settlement in Western Australia, predating the formation of the Swan River Colony by two years. Its Noongar history stretches back at least 40,000 years, probably longer.

Describe What Road Safety Means To Your Organisation?

We value the health and safety of our staff, visitors, and contractors.

As a local government we can influence many areas of road safety. We design and maintain local roads, we operate fleet, we engage contractors conducting work on roads and transporting goods and materials, we conduct work on and around roads.