NRSPP welcomes our new summer research intern Mona Nohara to the team!

Mona will be working on a range of projects such as the development of new Q&A’s. She will also be conducting the research for the 2022 Organisational Road Safety Campaign to be released during Road Safety Week next year.

A core element of NRSPP is its research and data collection, for which we rely on an intern program with Program Partner Monash University. NRSPP’s small budget goes a long way through our collaborative approach and partner support. This approach provides a chance to grow emerging students into being passionate about road safety by investigating relevant, topical issues in the transport industry.

Mona studied a bachelors of arts, majoring in politics and economics and now is completing a masters in data science. She says, “I have always been intrigued with problem solving and statistical analysis which has led me to shift my focus to data and so far it has been great!”

Mona describes what she would like to get out of her internship stating, “I am delighted to be given this opportunity to gain a deep understanding of road safety. I have always been interested in transport and especially the cross between safety and efficiency. Growing up in Saudi Arabia, where road traffic accidents are very high, safety was my biggest concern. In contrast, when I moved to Melbourne, where several transport facilities were greatly invested in, instead of worrying about safety on the roads I was more focused on the speed and efficiency to which I can commute to and from Uni. I hope that one day no matter where you are in the world, people can commute without any major risks. I hope that through this internship I will learn about the different policies that may impact driving behaviour and create a safer road for all users.”

We are very excited to welcome Mona to the NRSPP team and look forward to watching her grow and develop her skills in research.