A road incident is more than just a payout to repair the vehicle and get it back on the road again. There are many hidden indirect costs which need to be taken into account which are often lost within an organisation. Therefore, each crash an organisation experiences often costs significantly more money than is actually paid by the insurance company. When a business comes to understand how expensive a road crash is, it becomes a powerful mechanism to create a proactive culture that reduces the risk of a crash.

For example, absenteeism, late deliveries, vehicle down time, staff morale, investigations and administration costs to name a few. Understanding the total costs will help justify investment in an improved road safety culture within an organisation. Reducing road crashes reduces insurance claims, insurance premiums, and also uninsured costs. This all acts positively to increase profits, and protect reputation.

The NRSPP Total Cost Calculator helps businesses understand what their organisations total costs are from a crash. The tool will help businesses understand what turnover would be required to cover their total costs from crashes and therefore assist the business case to change fleet safety for the better, and to generate profit from the investment in fleet safety.

Before you start using the calculator please download the fact sheet and complete the template within it.

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