Wyeth is a global pharmaceutical and biotechnology company with business in all regions of the world. Wyeth has a car fleet in excess of 10,000 vehicles.

In April 2008 Wyeth began the launch of its Global Driver Safety Program as part of a corporate commitment to the safety and health of employees, their families and the general public. The goal was to create a crash-free culture by reducing motor vehicle collisions by 50 percent across the company by 2012, positioning the company as industry leader in driver safety.

The launch of the program to the first six European countries and Canada, was the result of a lot of hard work which began in early 2007, when Wyeth’s Chief Executive Officer requested the implementation of such a program.

Wyeth needed a program that was adaptable and flexible, with good support and good recommendations from other users. It had to be selected very carefully and there was a need to work with the supplier, Interactive Driving Systems®, to understand all of the issues involved and make the adaptations necessary.

What was needed was a global program that appeared to be local – and work as a ‘culture’ – not solely as a corporate project.

It was also necessary to ensure that the program met all local legal and privacy requirements and this required the use of a specialist legal counsel with experience in privacy law, who would then work with local Legal departments in the various affiliate companies.

The response throughout Wyeth has been excellent and the Driver Safety Program has truly launched! It is now running in 18 countries across Europe, Canada and Latin America, with another four countries to come on stream in the next few months.

The program includes:

  • Detailed implementation process.
  • Regular communications.
  • Focused education and training for all drivers.
  • Customised data management system to track and trend driving performance and identify needs for additional training or coaching.

Although the program is still in its early days, the results so far are very encouraging. Overall, the global collisions per million miles (CPMM) rate has fallen from 11.8 to 7.37 and the combined collision and incident rate per million miles (C&IMM) has fallen from 28.6 to 22.75. The overall collision rate per vehicle stands at just 4%.