Organisation: Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety
Date uploaded: 18th April 2019
Date published/launched: March 2019

There are around 500 work-related road deaths a year in Great Britain – around 30% of total road deaths. This far exceeds the number of deaths in the workplace reported by the Health & Safety Executive. Employers have responsibilities for the safety of their workforce on the roads.They also have levers which can be used to deliver safer driving, levers which don’t apply to private road users. There is now new energy to tackle this issue: Highways England’s Driving for Better Business scheme, multi-agency initiatives involving the HSE, DVSA and others, while the Department for Transport is encouraging uptake of safer vehicles.

Telematics technology offers employers new abilities to manage fuel consumption, fleet efficiency and safety. At the same time, the gig economy is presenting new challenges and risks for drivers and riders.

This conference brought together the key players in this sector, highlighting public policy, good practice, new research and technology and management practice.

The conference comprised nine presentations which are available for download from the link below – along with a series of sound bites and key points made during the presentations.

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