BT, which operates one of the largest motor fleets in Europe, has recently revised and updated its occupational road risk policy and programs – in part to allow for improved privacy management and detailed data integration through its Driver Index and risk data warehouse.

To date the company has cut its collision rate from over 60 per thousand vehicles in 2001 to 30 in 2009, reducing costs by approximately £12 million per annum in the process.

This has been achieved through a range of initiatives including:

  • Policy and communications based on the latest research from around the globe.
  • Management development and engagement.
  • Europe’s biggest ever driver risk assessment, monitoring and improvement program touching over 65,000 people.
  • Improved vehicle selection and management.
  • Effective journey planning and management.
  • Community engagement through its family and friends road safety initiative.
  • Thought leadership though participation in fleet safety benchmarking, government initiatives, industry events and best practice programs such as Driving for Better Business and the NIOSH global road safety for workers project.