The program is only successful if it is growing and has an active ‘doing’ partner base and this group represents the core element of the program. NRSPP Partners (PP) are making road safety commitments through action and sharing them through the program.

Not only will they strive to have a positive road safety culture but the PP will utilise their sphere of influence and point of differentiation to improve and promote road safety: this can be through case studies, knowledge centre contributions, leading forums, developing expert information, provision of data, Working Group participation, Special Project contribution, the list goes on and is only limited by an organisation’s willingness to be part of the solution, their creativity and business management.

Steps to Becoming Involved:

  1. Confirm that your organisation is interested, register as a user on the website and publicise the program through your organisation. Gauge what the interest level in road safety within your organisation, are there gaps and what can you share.
  2. Nominate the principal contact point.
  3. Contact NRSPP secretariat.
  4. With the NRSPP secretariat identify up to four actions for your organisation to deliver which will improve, support and/or promote road safety within your sphere of influence.