Put simply, this is the simple 101 to applying a safe systems for road transport in the workplace.

Ultimately, road safety, both within an organisation and in the community environment, requires leadership, support and willingness to act. This guide has been developed as learning and enabling tool to support and focus an organisations willingness to act, reduce risk and increase its work related road safety management and culture. The Guide is a collaborative approach of work related road safety between New Zealand and Australia, assisting organisations with reducing the risks. The guide was launched on 5 May 2014 as part of the National Road Safety Partnership Program’s official launch.

The presenters:

  • Eric Howard, Principal of Whiting Moyne, a Strategic Road Safety Advisory Consultancy
  • Darren Wishart is a research fellow in work related road safety with CARRS-Q
  • James Newton is the Principal of Transport Safety Solutions and founding Transport Safety Collaboration