Speed matters! This is a common road safety message by-line but why is it? Why does just a little bit over matter? The reason is the human body is not designed to weather the energy of a vehicle crash. This webinar will explore how a crash effects a human’s body and how small differences in speed and types of crash effect it. Leading trauma surgeons Dr Kate Martin and Dr Scott Ferris will explain what they see, why it occurs and what it means in the long term for recovery. A couple of kilometres over the speed limit can be the big difference between major and minor injuries hear from the experts.

Australia and New Zealand Association for the Surgery of Trauma (ANZAST)

ANZAST was formed by a group of surgeons committed to the provision of optimal and world-class care to injured Australian and New Zealand patients. DSTC course participants are strongly encouraged to join the organisation, which provides benefits including access to cases, journal article reviews and discussion forums with experts in the field of trauma.

Please note – this resource contains graphic material

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