Aggressive driving is a common experience on the roads and arguably embedded within our driving culture. Although most drivers do not see themselves as aggressive, the majority of us will express our anger or frustration aggressively from time to time, and have other drivers do the same to us. These aggressive incidents may seem minor, but they do little to reduce anger and instead increase the risk of crash or escalation of the incident. Aggression is not worth the risk.

This webinar will discuss the origins of aggression, and situations that promote anger and subsequent aggression. We will showcase findings from surveys of Australian motorists conducted by MUARC and more recently by Budget Direct asking questions of why and when they become aggressive and what can be done about it. We will also focus on evidence-based strategies for reducing anger or aggression, compiled as part of the NRSPP reducing aggressive driving campaign.

This webinar was presented by Dr. Amanda Stephens.

Amanda is a Research Fellow at Monash University Accident Research Centre. She has been involved in road safety research for the past 15 years, studying the psychology behind driver behaviour. She has worked in this field at leading institutions in England, Scotland and the Republic of Ireland. Amanda has authored/co-authored over 80 peer-reviewed articles, conference papers and industry reports. She is recognised as an expert in angry and aggressive driving.