Around six thousand people take their lives by suicide each year in the UK. The rail sector has been working actively to reduce suicide on them and making progress. So, what about Britain’s roads? Does anyone know the number of suicides each year or doing anything to reduce them?

These are the questions the Parliamentary Advisory Council for Transport Safety (PACTS) and Samaritans came together to collaboratively explore. They discovered little was known but found approximately 50 of the 6000 UK suicides per annum occurred using roads, vehicles and road infrastructure and identified recommendations which may reduce them. This webinar explores their journey, the recommendations, lessons they learned learned during the project and progress since.

Presenters for the webinar include:

David Davies, Executive Director, PACTS
Jacqui Morrissey, Assistant Director, Research & Influencing, Samaritans
Felicity Clayton, Team Leader, Integration & Sustainable Transport Team, Highways England