Ever had that moment where you knew you had something to add to the conversation and decided not to? It was too hard, it would require a whole lot of more talk, it would upset people, nothing would change anyway. What if it turned out that your safety was at stake? Would you speak up then?

Having the courage to raise and hold conversations that are difficult or challenging is often a question of safety.

This webinar will be presented by Celia Swales, Consultant at People and Change Consultancy. It will build on the NRSPP Australia » NRSPP Thought Leadership: Fight Or Flight – The Benefits Of Facing Up To ‘Difficult’ Conversations  and Blog NRSPP Australia » Avoiding ‘Difficult’ Conversations: Comparing the Cost.

About Our Presenter:

Celia has a strong passion for enabling the potential of people. She is passionate about working with people who seek to make a difference in their work and solve business challenges by realising the potential of collaborative approaches. Celia has held leadership roles in organisational development and human resources across a range of sectors and is a consummate professional with deep experience in leading and working with teams and managers. Now an experienced consultant, Celia works with leaders, teams and organisations to improve team performance, enhance the quality of conversations and increase the contribution of individuals to team outcomes.