The end of this year has been something that most of us are looking forward to. After two years of COVID lockdowns and the distress of the unknown, this year has been a frenzy of operational activity across all sectors and especially impacting those with roles on our roads. End of year celebrations should be an enjoyable time for our Teams and as individuals, but often workers and employers spend this time worrying about issues; rather than using it as a time to celebrate the success of the year and the people that mean the most to us.

During this webinar, join Keith Govias (Practice Leader – Safety Risk Advisory, Gallagher) and Jerome Carslake as they cover the issues that influence and impact worker mental health and business resilience across the Christmas and New Year periods. Listen to their feedback on the core business case for providing psychologically safe workplaces, but also ways that we can shift the perspective on mental health intervention to improve our general business practices for higher achieving and more resilient organisations.