This description was taken from Holcim Australia: We Need Space To Keep You Safe.

This safety campaign is a result of a SafeWork NSW Enforceable Undertaking.

This page is dedicated to our heavy vehicle and pedestrian safety campaign, We Need Space to Keep You Safe, in collaboration with the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR).  We thank the NHVR for their support and permission to use their campaign messaging to spread the word on heavy vehicle and pedestrian safety.

The safe separation of heavy vehicles and pedestrians is an ongoing challenge in many different industries, such as airports, shopping centres, industrial estates, freight transport, ports, manufacturing plants, and of course, construction, which all use heavy vehicles in the course of their operations.

Not only do heavy vehicles take longer to stop than cars, but they also have four major blind spots. If you’re walking in one of these blind spots, the driver cannot see you and may not be able to stop in time when they do.