Partners: Volkswagen, Kidsafe Child Accident Prevention Foundation, The Wiggles
No. of Staff: 200 in Australia, 500,000 globally

Program Elements:

  • Educating parents about road safety is effective in educating children, and vice versa
  • Women and older age groups are more focused on road safety than men and younger people
  • Many Australian adults are failing to apply road safety measures and are becoming increasingly complacent
  • Partnering with organisations respected by the target audience helps get the road safety message through
  • People will engage with road safety messages using technology, such as apps and dedicated web pages, when they are interesting and useful

Synopsis: A partnership with popular children’s entertainers The Wiggles and the Kidsafe Child Accident Prevention Foundation has seen Volkswagen deliver the road safety message direct to children and their parents. While growing awareness about road safety in both groups, the partnership reflects the company’s focus on offering families the safest drive possible.