Rollovers before: 40 a year (average 2006-2009)

Rollovers after: Nil (B-doubles, where technology fitted)


Introducing Electronic Braking Systems with stability control in key Victorian logging areas has eliminated rollovers. While opposed by an industry over-represented in rollover statistics, the success of the safety system has turned opponents into advocates and driven widespread adoption of the technology

Key Outcomes:

  • The introduction of Electronic Braking Systems with stability control has virtually eliminated truck and trailer rollovers in key areas of the Victorian logging industry
  • Since the safety system was introduced as a condition of access permits for forestry heavy vehicles, no vehicle fitted with the system has rolled
  • Demonstrating the value of new safety systems dramatically reduces resistance, and can result in industry advocates who become proponents for change
  • Consulting industry as part of the introduction of new technology helps drive acceptance and ensures relevant regulations are introduced
  • Involving technical experts who can talk to operators ‘in their own language’ helps engage industry with change