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Vehicle use is the most significant contributor to work-related traumatic injury.

This guide is for firms, organisations and individuals who use vehicles for work purposes on the road networks of Australia or New Zealand.

The guide describes a process for dealing with road traffic hazards in line with work health and safety (WHS) legislation and road traffic safety (RTS) principles. It covers all vehicle use in road traffic and complements other legislative requirements that apply to businesses whose primary purpose is transport, such as bus, truck or taxi operators.

Purpose and Scope

This guide promotes safe systems of work for road-based travel. It does not prescribe specific safety actions or provide an exhaustive list of risk controls to achieve a safe system of work. It provides a framework and supporting advice for organisations to consider and manage road traffic safety risks within their work environment.

The guide does not attempt to provide a complete reference to all the potential hazards, risks and controls that relate to vehicle use which are unique to each organisation. However, use of this framework should allow organisations to develop the policies and procedures they need to ensure they meet their obligations to provide a safe workplace.