Making vehicle and road safety a central focus of fleet management has delivered major bottom line savings, particularly in insurance costs, and significant crash reductions for not-for-profit UnitingCare. Driven by an inspired funding model that guaranteed management support and sustained improvement, impressive results have driven a strong, self-perpetuating safety culture.

Key Outcomes

  • Proactive road safety interventions pay their way when treated as an investment with improved fleet road safety performance flowing through to bottom line savings, for example, by reducing insurance claims and premiums, infringement rates and at-fault crashes

  • Tailored driver education programs for passenger car, bus and truck fleet drivers and targeted training of identified at-risk drivers are valuable road safety initiatives

  • Savings generated from improved fleet road safety, such as through reduced insurance premiums and claims, ensures both management support and sustained funding for a fleet road safety program

  • Board and management support, along with continued engagement with an organisation’s road safety performance, are critical to sustained improvement and building a safety culture

  • A Fleet management team passionate about road safety, and that understands the connection between fleet safety and efficiency, is a powerful force for change and improvement

  • Fleet road safety is a continuous journey and organisations prepared to share learnings contribute to improved safety performance across their industry and the wider community

  • Impressive results demonstrate the value of a comprehensive and proactive road and vehicle safety program, which helps build a strong and continuing safety culture.