The webinar Uniting Care Queensland Webinar: Creating A Driver Safety Culture In The Not For Profit Sector – The Challenges and Benefits is transferable to any fleet. The approaches should not be considered just for NfPs but Mark’s insights could be adopted by any organisation.

The webinar will outline how Uniting Care Queensland identified the need to introduce driver / road safety programs across its operations in Queensland.

With over 250 cost centres and 2,500 vehicles across all of Queensland there are significant risks both to our drivers and operations. We will discuss crash history and how driver safety programs were introduced. We will also discuss the achievements and challenges faced, as well as the need to review and renew the program to ensure the road safety culture that has been developed is both sustainable but that it also compliments the other organisational safety programs including “Zero Harm”.

Presenting this webinar is Mark Stephens of Uniting Care Queensland.

For the past 20 years, Mark Stephens has been employed in a variety of positions within Uniting Care Queensland and has been the Fleet Manager (2,500 vehicles across Queensland and the Northern Territory) for the past 10 years. Since taking over the fleet management Mark has moved the fleet safety from an era where there was minimum focus on crash frequency, or driver risk analysis and no training to today’s environment where fleet safety is a core function of the Fleet Management Unit.

Mark’s closing take home message: if you can create a courteous driving culture your 70% of the way there.

Please take the time to watch the webinar and understand Uniting Care Queensland Webinar: Creating A Driver Safety Culture and how they achieved this.