The annual Tyre Tread Depth Check campaign is masterminded by TyreSafe, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the dangers of unsafe tyres. Apollo Vredestein has been a TyreSafe member for eight years.

The latest research carried out by TyreSafe concentrates, among other issues, on tyre tread depth at the point of tyre replacement in the UK. Like other TyreSafe members, Apollo Vredestein is keen to highlight the survey’s results and warn motorists about the safety implications: more than 27% of people replaced their tyres when they were already illegal, which may translate into 10 million illegal and dangerous tyres on UK roads this year.

Newly-appointed Country Manager UK, Karl Naylor, points out: “Tyre tread depth affects vehicle braking, cornering, general handling, even acceleration, which all contribute to an increase in the level of risk not only to the vehicle’s occupants but also other road users and even pedestrians. It is our duty, as responsible tyre manufacturers, to ensure that the public is educated to the dangers to safety when tyres are not replaced within the accepted threshold.”

Dutch brand Vredestein, with its rich history of tyre manufacturing spanning over 100 years, was purchased by India-based Apollo Tyres in 2009; now operating as Apollo Vredestein, it continues to offer its premium, technologically-advanced range with a design-conscious edge that is developed with a strong focus on safety. The company is a staunch supporter of all campaigns aiming at making the road a safer place