Palletized Loads

When it comes to loading palletized product or other unitized loads, there are many more variables that affect the loading methodology. The first variable that needs to be dealt with is weight. If the loads you are handling are heavy, it’s possible that the capacity of the trailer or container will limit your loading options. With lighter loads, cube utilization becomes a key variable. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as just determining the method that best utilizes the cube of the trailer or container. In most situations, methods that increase cube utilization will also increase the labor required to load and unload the shipment. This is where you must balance productivity with transportation costs. Loads going further distances will justify putting more effort into utilizing the cube than those going shorter distances. You may find that it makes sense to straight­load pallets for local and regional shipments, turn the loads or use pinwheeling for more distant shipments, and floor load containers for overseas shipments