Transurban Insights reports use data and research from our business, as well as surveys we commission, to look into specific issues relevant to road transport.

We share these insights with government and industry and use them to inform driver and community education campaigns.

In this first edition of Transurban Insights we examine driving behaviours that impact the safety of our customers, employees and first responders on the road.

Across Australia and North America around two million trips are made on our roads every day—providing quicker and safer ways for people to move around their cities. Transurban’s Australian roads have been found to be up to twice as safe as like roads by the Monash University Accident Research Centre, using a comparative crash analysis. We achieve this high safety performance through our state-of-the-art safety and traffic management technology, monitoring the roads 24/7, and by controlling conditions such as speed limits and lane closures.

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