The Australian Driving Institute has noticed in their travels over the past few months there is not a great deal known about shackles on trailers. When towing trailers, there are chains attached to the trailer to help tether it to the vehicle in case something severe happens like snapping the tow ball. The chains are connected to the car via D Shackles.The Australian Standard AS2741-2002 outlines how shackles can be used for towing. Shackles need to be stamped with a rating and have markings showing the manufacturers markings and WLL (Working Load Limit) Some points to consider when you hook up the caravan or trailer full of product or rubbish are,

  • Are the shackles capable of doing the job?
  • Are they damaged?
  •  Is it stamped and rated?

The document for download below shows the guidelines stated for the minimum requirements for shackles attaching various loads to vehicles.