Toolbox talks are widely used to communicate information and knowledge and/or discuss occupational health and safety or operational issues within a workplace.

Tool Box Talks are a simple and cost-effective method that not only provides knowledge regarding work-related driving safety, but in addition promote discussion and awareness of work-related driving safety specifically relevant to the organisation. They typically are kept to a small and manageable timeframe 15-20 minutes and are designed to convey important information and actively promote further discussion. Consequently, Tool Box Talks are an ideal broad-based intervention strategy that can be used to highlight issues associated with work driving safety.

A major issue is that many organisations have developed their own talks, not all of which are evidence-based and some may be sending the wrong safety message or not occurring at all. The SC supported the development of a the NRSPP Tool Box Talks into a fee-based mechanism which could be purchased directly from the website.

The NRSPP Tool Box Talk Package cover 19 work driving safety topics including dangers of mobile phone use, preventing low speed manoeuvring crashes, reducing close following and rear end crashes. Tool Box Talk Topics will be made available on a per month basis with organisations able to download electronic versions from a secure location on the NRSPP website.