A business needs customers to function but the business does not need unsafe customers as they impact profits. How to successfully manage unsafe customers and ensure the relationship is mutually beneficial are explored in this Thought Leadership Paper.

Further details on this piece are expanded upon by Barry Jenner in his NRSPP webinar.

I can’t afford to improve safety!

Some senior road transport managers say they would like to improve safety but have little or no funding. Not enough time is spent on OH&S. “It has fallen through the cracks.”
Margins are tight. Competitors are quoting unprofitable rates. Business is tough. They hope they are running their business safely. When an accident is in the news they are relieved they are not involved.
Safety cannot just be a hope or wish. It must be tackled systematically every hour, every day, every week and every year. Standard Operating Procedures must always be safe. Funding safety should be included in budgets but how?