Traditional views of driver training might look something like a quick spin with the leading hand, a driving course or perhaps online education. However, there are multiple benefits for professional drivers and organisations who place a high value on driver training. Viewing driver training in the same way as other key workplace health and safety measures will maximise safety and bottom line returns, fuelled by a high standard of driver performance.

That’s the view of longstanding and well-known Australian transport industry figure Marcus Kelly. With expertise ranging from taking novice drivers under his wing to responsibility for experienced drivers in high-profile transport operators, the respected driver trainer has seen many approaches to driver training in the transport and logistics industry.

This Thought Leadership piece summarises practical learnings from Marcus’ two decades in driver training, including how to implement driver training so it fuels an organisation’s safety and economic performance, the most important factors to consider, and how attitudes towards driver training can contribute to building positive driver attitudes and an organisation’s culture.

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