Much has been learned in recent years about the organisational theories that influence safe driving behaviour and reduced work-related road traffic injury. However, the link between theory and practice has yet to be explicitly articulated.  This symposium will explore the interplay between theory and practice within the workplace road safety environment. Academics from Monash University, University of New South Wales and Queensland University of Technology will present three organisational theories guiding workplace road safety practice, including safety culture, safety management/leadership and sociotechnical systems.

Presentation 1 (Sharon Newnam & Sarah Jones) will focus on the operationalisation of safety culture/climate and its role in creating a safe driving environment.

Presentation 2 (Jason Edwards, Mark Stephens) will focus on the roles and responsibilities of those involved in the management workplace road safety.

Presentation 3 (Mark Ullah, Lori Mooren) will focus on describing the transportation industry as a sociotechnical system and will consider the role of human-computer interaction in increasing performance and maintaining safety in this safety critical domain.
Complementing presentations will be given by industry representatives from three organisations. These presentations will present on the realities of these theories, focusing on how they are supposed to work and how, in practice, they do. Industry presentation topics will focus on safety culture, chain of responsibility and in-vehicle technology.

Please note you will need to download the attached PPTs to be able to follow the presentation.