In its recent white paper The Role of Business Drivers, IAM RoadSmart examines the factors that influence driver risk, and take a deeper look at the contribution that could be made by government agencies, employers and drivers themselves to improving the safety of those who drive as part of their working lives.

The report highlights: ‘the sharp boom in the number of gig economy drivers, a flood of vans delivering internet purchases, the growth of the ‘grey fleet’, the introduction of ‘smart’ motorways, more last-mile deliveries by riders deemed ‘professional’ but with no additional training.’

It suggests that UK road casualty figures can be hammered down led by action from the frontline: those engaged in driving for work.

It provides a comprehensive summary of the challenges facing government and employers and makes sound recommendations.

It concludes by saying ‘many in the professional driving world feel very uncomfortable that they’re not doing more about road safety – but they don’t feel compelled. The time has come to harness that discomfort and compel them to act through a combination of legislation, enforcement, fresh thinking and market forces’.