TruckSafe Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary company of the Australian Trucking Association. TruckSafe is a business
and risk management system that is aimed at improving the safety and professionalism of trucking operators nation wide.
It is an industry initiative, which delivers competitive advantages to accredited operators.

TruckSafe accreditation is based on four key standards:

  1. Management – Aimed at ensuring that a trucking operator has a documented business system which covers each of the standards.
  2. Maintenance – Aimed at ensuring vehicles and trailers are kept in a safe and roadworthy condition. This standard covers the requirements for daily checks, fault reporting and recording, fault repair, scheduled maintenance, maintenance records and documentation, maintenance responsibilities, internal review, and maintenance training and education. TruckSafe maintenance also complies with NHVAS maintenance standards.
  3. Workplace and Driver Health – Aimed at ensuring that drivers are fit and healthy and Occupational Health and Safety requirements are met. This standard covers requirements for Workplace Health and Safety, Driver Health Screening (including medicals), the role of the medical practitioner, rehabilitation and fatigue management.
  4. Training – Aimed at ensuring that drivers are licensed, authorised and trained for the tasks they are undertaking.

These are the minimum standards a trucking business should meet for it to be a safe, responsible operation. For operators,
accreditation shows that they are meeting their due diligence and duty of care.