We are bombarded with distraction and information overload in today’s world. As Dr. Richard Chambers mentions, “did you know that the average person today is exposed to more information in a single day than someone in the 15th century would encounter in their entire life?” When we are so caught up with multitasking and keeping track of endless thoughts and tasks, this can make us less engaged, present and efficient, also causing mental health issues.

This TEDx Talks features Dr. Richard Chambers, who introduces us to mindfulness, a strategy for promoting self-awareness. So many individuals today, especially young people, are suffering from mental health problems and issues. Mindfulness can assist in solving this problem, equipping people to have an improved mindset for the complications we face today.

Dr. Richard Chambers began practicing mindfulness in 1999, and has since been devoted to applying this to everyday lifestyle and education. He is now a clinical psychologist, mindfulness consultant, author and speaker.